In 2016, Olivia (who is my daughter!) qualified for the US Ski Team. Although this event was exciting, it was also a bit daunting. You see, the US Ski Team is not a government-funded team, and it was going to be up to Olivia (and us!) to support her season training and traveling on the World Cup tour, which could cost $30,000+/year. Olivia and I worked together to create her web site in order to get her name out in the athletic community for support. We wanted her website to represent her and highlight her sponsors, accomplishments, and tell her story. She also wanted to integrate a journal into the site where she could document her experience. Olivia does not know HTML programming. Therefore the journal portion of the site had to be developed in WordPress so she could perform journal posts herself.

Fast forward to 2019 fortunately, the US Ski Team monetary situation has evolved, and this is the first year that the entire US Mogul Freestyle Team is funded! Olivia's website has also grown. is now primarily a place for Olivia to journal about her training, travels, and competitions.


  • Client: Olivia Giaccio
  • Category: web
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